Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Cleansing Power of Natto

Most people either love it or hate it. Many adults feel uncomfortable eating it in front of co-workers at lunch time because of the strings that are created between your mouth and the natto. But anyone who has spent any time in Japan knows about natto, fermented soybeans. This unique Japanese food has long been a staple of the Japanese diet, often served with breakfast. Its cheap, full of low- calorie protein, and a rich source of probiotics, healthy bacteria which help strengthen your immune system and generally keep your body running smoothly.  The probiotics in natto help to replenish the body, removing impurities, like free radicals.

The health benefits of natto are well documented in Japan and abroad. But in the past few years,  a Japanese construction company, hit by a lull in state-sponsored construction projects started to experiment with natto for the purpose of water purification. Here we can witness the true greatness of natto, and its ability to cleanse.
The Koyoh Company experimented with live natto bacteria and cement. Not only was the bacteria in natto the only kind that survived contact with cement, but by putting polluted water into contact with the natto bacteria, the polluted water became clear and clean in a few days.  The mixture is used to create blocks, which can be used to construct  river walls and other structures that come into contact with water. They have already started selling their purifying blocks in countries like Vietnam, where poor sewage systems and manufacturing have polluted water sources.

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