Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Charity Event Report

Hello All!!
   Thank you as always for reading this blog. I hope you find it helpful, uplifting, and fun.
This time, I want to report about the event we had last Sunday.
It was the first event for the For Japan Charity Event series. And I must say it was a lovely, moving and relaxing afternoon. We focused on mantra and how they are used in yoga classes. Rich and Rebecca from San Yoga shared their knowledge of the mantra from the Sivananda tradition, and the rest of us tried to chant along, while enjoying the soothing sounds.
   11 participants joined the workshop and together we raised 23,000 yen for the survivors of the Tohoku Earthquake- Tsunami Disaster. Funds were donated to the Red Cross of Japan's fund for the disaster on Tuesday, August 30th.
   Mantra seems to go so naturally with charity, as it in itself is a positive action, producing pure and loving energy within and around the chanter. We can all learn to use language in a positive and uplifting way, by carefully choosing what we say and how we express it.

Look forward to more charity events with For Japan in the fall!
Peace and Light

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