Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meditation is Easy! With Practice. (Guided meditation Mp3 - Check it out!!)

Dear Yogis,

Happy Lunar New Year!

Another fresh start, another chance to make some changes,
to stick to what you want to do. Everyday is a chance.

When I start to people about meditation, they often say its hard.
Funny isn't it that doing nothing is so hard! 
Like anything, it requires practice. Once you get into it, its easy to slip into
a meditation anywhere, at anytime. I often meditate on my commute to
and from work, sitting on the JR Chuo Line. It is more refreshing than
sleeping! It is said that 30 minutes of meditation will rest the body
in the same way as 2.5 hours of sleep. It's like sleep for busy people!

Please check out this guided meditation by my wonderful teacher, Jaz Presence.
Try it in the morning, afternoon or night. Anytime is fine, but it's better
on an empty stomach. Click on this link to listen to it on your pc.

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