Saturday, July 13, 2013

Make Your Own Bug Repellant! 手作り虫除けスプレーのレシピ!

Homemade Bug Repellant that smells good and works!           


Most bug sprays from the pharmacy contain all sorts of chemicals, including DEET. As with most chemicals that are added to products, it is highly toxic even in low concentrations. This means that they may not make us sick immediately, but over time these toxins build up in the body and make us ill.
These days, due to the raised awareness of the toxicity of DEET, there are a variety of natural bug sprays on the market. You can also make your own! It is surprising easy, effective, and a fun project to do with friends or kids. I like the mix of aromas in this one.

(adapted from Wellness Mama's site)

filtered/spring water 50ml       精製水 50ml
ethanol (alcohol)   40ml      水エタノール 40ml 
glycerin 10ml             グリゼリン 10ml 
15 drops black pepper essential oil     ブラックペッパー精油 15滴
20 drops citronella "          シトロネラ精油 20滴
15 drops lavender "           ラベンダー精油 15滴

Just combine all ingredients in a 100ml spray bottle.
Easy and refreshing!

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