Thursday, November 24, 2011

For Japan Jamboree - Nov 23rd at Tsurumai Park

Hello Everyone!
I want to first say thank you to all the people who made this event possible and such a great day.  To all the volunteers, vendors, teachers, students and friends who came together to enjoy culture and wellness in the park and raise some money and lots of good vibes for the people of Tohoku.
Indeed, the actual sum donated is dwarfed compared to various companies and celebrities who may give, but what we offer in terms of warmth and compassion, what was created from our actions, will have great reverberations throughout the region.

The grand total raised was over 80,000 yen!! And counting as there are still people who want to donate.  All the money will be donated to the Red Cross Relief Fund for Tohoku.
For those who want to donate, please email
合計で8万円以上の義援を集めました^v^まだまだ寄付したい方がいましたら、ぜひご連絡ください。皆さんの小さい心使いで大きな力になれます!すべてのお金は赤十字救援基金へ。ご問い合わせは ali@midorischool.jpへ。
Also, there are still some Hungarian Rose Water 100ml bottles left, so email if you are interested. If you are in Nagoya, I will personally deliver it to you!
ハンガリアンローズウォータ(100ml入りのスプレー)はまだ残っていますが、ご購入する方は ali@midorischool.jpへお願いします。名古屋市内なら自分自身で届けます!

Some photos from the day:
                                                                Opening Jazz Dance

                                                           Hatha Yoga in the park
                                                                      Puppy Love!  

                                                             Foot massages for charity!

                                                              Awesome shamisen duo

                                                    Laughter Yoga - addictive!

If you have any photos please send them to me!!

Thanks again to all who came out! I look forward to seeing you at the next event!

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