Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December's Focus at Midori's Yoga in English Class

Dear Yogis, 

December has arrived, and that means only one month left of 2013. It's a busy time,  
when we try to finish up everything before the new year, which is why its even more important to take time for yourself, to relax and exercise.  

I have been keeping up with the promise to meditate daily, doing a little in the morning  
before work, during lunch break, or even on the train to work. Taking 10 to 30 minutes  
to quiet the mind and relax the body, just to listen to my inner voice, has become very  
enjoyable. It helps me focus, be more alert, calm down, and find inspiration.  
Sometimes, if I just stop thinking about a problem and breathe, the answer will just come  
to me. I hope to do a little meditation during class, but I really encourage you to try it 
on your own. You may surprise yourself!  

●●●   December Focus   ●●● 
Keeping the kidneys strong and healthy 
The winter's dominant organs are the kidneys and the bladder. They control the water,  
which is the element of winter. Keeping the energy of the kidneys up is essential 
to staying healthy and energetic this season.  
We will be doing ear, leg, and foot massages in class. These areas are connected with  
the kidneys, so relieving tension in these areas helps to keep the kidneys clean and balanced. 

●●●    Spotlight Pose     ●●● 
The Gate Pose, Parighasana, is a side stretching pose. It helps strengthen and balance the kidneys by relieving tension in the muscles of the side body.  

●●●   December Aroma   ●●● 
Warming cinnamon, soothing chamomile, and uplifting orange

December's Pose: Gate Pose (Parighasana)

Kneel on the floor. Stretch your right leg out to the right and press the foot to the floor. Keep your left knee directly below your left hip and align your right heel with the left knee. Turn your pelvis slightly to the right, but turn your upper torso back to the left. Point the kneecap toward the ceiling. As you inhale, bring your arms out to your sides, parallel to the floor, palms down. Bend to the right over the right leg and lay your right hand down on the shin or ankle of the right leg. Contract the right side of the torso and stretch the left. Place your left hand on the outer left hip and push the pelvis down toward the floor. Then use your left hand to lift up the left side of the ribs, creating space in the left waist. With an inhalation, sweep the left arm over the left ear. Without pushing the left hip back (continue to roll it slightly forward), turn the upper torso away from the floor. Stay in this pose from 30 seconds to a minute. Come up as you inhale, reaching through the top arm to draw the torso upright. Bring the right knee back beside the left, and repeat with the legs reversed.

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